Hello! I’m Allisonface…one of those bloggers that rarely posts anything, but I’m thankful to have a place to share some thoughts when they surface. I’m a follower of Christ who currently resides in Fort Worth, TX, though I called Topeka, KS home for the first 18 years of my life. Apparently my midwestern accent still surfaces, though I have successfully incorporated y’all into my vocabulary.

My days are filled with teaching children through Project Based Learning at a school for bright and gifted learners and hanging out a coffee shops accomplishing various tasks. My evenings and weekends consist of spending time with my community at The Paradox Church, swing dancing with Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate and 35Jive, and doing more school work…because that’s how teachers roll.

This blog is a mish mash of thoughts and experiences as God refines me for His glory and my good.


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